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If you want something a little different but don't need a special shape advertising balloon please consider a hot-air balloon shape advertising balloon.  You can have stripes or solid colors on your hot-air balloon shape advertising balloon. Lettering or artwork is also available.


We have hot-air balloon shape advertising balloons in these sizes:

9.5' hot-air shape balloon    -   $418.00
9.5' w/band    -   $565.00
13.5' hot-air shape balloon    -   $698.00
13.5' w/band    -   $845.00
17.5'hot-air shape balloon    -   $1250.00
17.5' w/band    -   $1450.00


Hot-air balloon shape advertising balloons take just a couple of minutes to fill with your helium and you have a giant flying sign.

Our hot-air balloon shape advertising balloons come in these colors or combinations of these colors:
Red balloons, white balloons, yellow balloons, orange balloons, green balloons, blue balloons or purple balloons.


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