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Helium Blimps - Giant Advertising That Works!


Your helium advertising blimp will work day and night for you! Advertising blimps are usually flown 100 - 150ft. above the ground.

We can add your lettering, logo or artwork to any of our advertising blimps.

We can make one blimp or one hundred blimps for you.
You can choose different color panels and different color fins on the same blimp. Don't settle for what came off the boat from China. Get the exact advertising blimp you want.
Helium Blimps predecessors where giant helium or hydrogen filled behemoths that carry passengers. Our advertising helium blimps are from 11 feet long to 30 feet long and carry your message not passengers.

Helium blimps are easy to use and very effective in promoting your event, product, festival, sale or whatever. Our helium blimps come complete - just add helium - and you have an Instant Promotion.

Helium blimps prices start at $461.00! Our 11ft. blimp uses less that 1/2 cylinder of helium. Buy our blimps and save a fortune in helium compared to PVC or nylon blimps.


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